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Sydney’s Top 5 Trending Paint Colours for Residential and Commercial Properties

Trending paint colours for residential and commercial properties can dramatically influence any space’s ambience and aesthetic appeal. In a vibrant city like Sydney, where architecture and design continually evolve, staying updated with the latest paint colour trends 2024 is essential for homeowners and business owners.

At 7CPM, we understand the importance of interior paint colour trends 2024 to transform your spaces, making them more inviting, modern, and reflective of your personal or brand identity. Let’s delve into Sydney’s top five trending paint colours for residential and commercial properties, ensuring your spaces stay stylish and up-to-date.

2024 Trending paint colours for residential and commercial

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1. Soft Neutrals Colour: Timeless Elegance

House Colour Trends:

Soft neutrals are a staple in Sydney’s house painting trends 2024, offering timeless elegance and versatility. Colours like warm beige, soft taupe, and creamy white create a calm and inviting atmosphere in homes. These are colour trends for living rooms and bedrooms where a serene environment is desired. Soft neutrals also serve as a perfect backdrop for various interior styles, from modern minimalist to classic traditional, allowing homeowners to easily change the decor without the need for a complete repaint.

Commercial Colour Trends Sydney:

In commercial settings, soft neutrals are equally favoured for their ability to create a professional and welcoming environment. Offices, retail spaces, and hospitality venues benefit from these hues as they make spaces appear larger and brighter. Soft neutrals can be paired with bold accent colours to highlight specific areas or features, such as a company logo wall or a product display section. This balance helps in maintaining a clean, sophisticated look while still adding a touch of personality to the space.

2. Earthy Tones Colour: Connection to Nature

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Earthy Tones House Colours:

Earthy tone palettes, including shades of olive green, terracotta, and warm browns, are gaining popularity in Sydney’s residential areas. These colours bring a sense of nature indoors, promoting relaxation and well-being. Earthy tones are particularly suitable for kitchens and dining areas, where they can enhance the warmth and cosiness of the space. These 2024 colour trends for home also work well with natural materials like wood and stone, creating a harmonious and organic look.

Earthy Tone Office and Businesses:

Earthy tones are becoming commercial paint colour trends aiming to create an eco-friendly and grounded atmosphere. In cafes, restaurants, and wellness centres, these commercial colours can make the environment feel more inviting and comfortable. Earthy tones are also excellent for coworking spaces and corporate offices that want to foster creativity and collaboration by providing a warm, nature-inspired setting.

3. Bold and Vibrant Colours: Making a Statement

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Bold and Vibrant House Colours:

Homeowners in Sydney are increasingly incorporating bold and vibrant interior house colours to make a statement and express their individuality. Trend bold colours for houses like deep navy blue, rich emerald green, and vibrant coral are used as accent walls, furniture, and decorative elements. These colours can add depth and character to any room, especially in spaces like the living room or a home office where creativity and vibrancy are desired.

Vibrant and bold colour for business:

Bold and vibrant colour trends are essential for branding and creating memorable spaces in the commercial sector. Retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues use striking hues to attract customers and create a unique identity. Bright reds, yellows, and blues can energise a space and are often used in branding elements to convey excitement and dynamism. These colours are particularly effective in areas where businesses want to make a strong visual impact.

4. Pastel Colour Trends 2024: Subtle Sophistication

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Pastel House Colour Trends:

Pastel shades are making a comeback in Sydney’s trending paint colours. Soft pinks, light blues, and gentle lavenders bring a subtle sophistication to the interiors. These trending paint colours for homes are perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, and even bathrooms, offering a soothing and gentle ambience. Pastels can be used to create a romantic or playful feel, depending on the decor and accessories chosen.

Pastel Colour for Commercial Buildings:

Commercial properties are also embracing pastels for a modern and fresh look. These popular pastel colours for business can soften the overall appearance of a space, making it more approachable and friendly. In cafes, boutique shops, and creative studios, pastel shades can create a chic and trendy atmosphere. They work well in combination with metallic accents or natural wood finishes, adding a contemporary yet soft touch to the decor.

5. Monochromatic Scheme Colour: Modern Minimalism

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Monochromatic Colour House Trend

Monochromatic colour schemes are at the forefront of modern minimalist design trends in Sydney homes. Shades of grey, black, and white are used to create sleek, sophisticated spaces that exude contemporary elegance. These colours are ideal for open-plan living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms, where clean lines and simplicity are key. A monochromatic palette can be enhanced with textures and materials, such as marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, and textured fabrics, to add interest without overwhelming the space.

Monochromatic Colour for Business:

In commercial properties, monochromatic schemes are synonymous with professionalism and modernity. High-tech offices, upscale retail stores, and luxury hotels often opt for this color palette to convey a sense of sophistication and efficiency. The use of different shades within a single colour family can create depth and dimension, making the space look polished and cohesive. Monochromatic designs are also easy to update with seasonal decor or branding changes, offering business flexibility.


Staying ahead of the latest colour trends 2024 can significantly enhance the aesthetic and value of both residential and commercial properties. At 7CPM, we are committed to helping our clients in Sydney choose the perfect colours for interior painting and exterior painting that reflect their style and meet their needs.

From the timeless elegance of soft neutrals to the bold statements of vibrant hues, the current residential and commercial paint colour trends offer something for every taste and purpose. By understanding and embracing these trends, homeowners and business owners can create spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional and inviting.

Whether you are looking to refresh your home or revamp your commercial space, our expert team of residential painters at 7CPM is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a result that exceeds your expectations.

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