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What is the difference between industrial and commercial painters?

In the business world, taking care of your property and hiring professional commercial painters is crucial. Whether you run a factory or a cozy restaurant, maintaining a fresh and protected appearance is vital.


The facade of your establishment demands attention, and the paint becomes the shield and expression—an investment that should yield enduring results. 


This guide helps answer the question: When do you need commercial painters versus industrial painters, and what is the difference between industrial and commercial painters? Let’s break it down to make your decision easier.

Commercial Painters: Enhancing Public Spaces

Crafting Impressions for Public Spaces

Commercial painting focuses on spaces where people gather—businesses, worship places, apartments, and more. Think hospitals, strip malls, or corporate offices. Commercial painters efficiently work to beautify non-residential structures with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Industrial Painting: Guardians Against Elements

The Fortification Against Elements

Industrial paint is a robust shield designed to protect surfaces from corrosion, especially in the face of heavy-duty equipment. This includes special facilities, machinery, construction equipment, and more. Industrial painting contractors are the guardians, ensuring these surfaces endure harsh conditions using proper paints like steel paint.

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Goals and Materials: The Heart of the Difference

Goals and Materials: The Distinction’s Core

Understanding the goals and materials is crucial. Are you aiming for a visually appealing space or prioritising functionality and protection? Like office painting, commercial building painting leans toward aesthetics, recommending high-quality paints for durability. Industrial building painting focuses on durability and resilience, prioritising protection over visual appeal.

Navigating the Purpose of Painting

Aesthetic Elegance vs. Unyielding Protection

The goal of painting boils down to aesthetics and protection. For public spaces like restaurants, a commercial painter enhances aesthetics. Conversely, industrial painter offers protection for sustained durability for spaces enduring wear and tear, like factory interiors.

The Alchemy of Painting Materials

Tailoring Paint and Materials to Project Goals

Choosing paint and materials involves a dance with project goals. Commercial projects often use latex paints for interior commercial painting, ensuring quick drying and minimal disruption. Industrial projects, on the other hand, use robust oil-based paints with techniques like epoxy coatings for added protection.


Industrial Painting Projects: The Fortress of Durability

Durability Takes Center Stage

Industrial painting revolves around one crucial aspect—durability. Clients and industrial painting teams prioritise the type of paint that safeguards surfaces and maintains a fresh appearance for an extended period. Unlike commercial painters, industrial painters don’t prioritise aesthetics as much.


This doesn’t imply that the industrial team compromises on quality. The professional industrial team ensures that an area looks pristine and refreshed after completing its job, upholding the exacting standards set for commercial painting teams. 7CPM commercial painting company matches the same high standards.

Choosing the Right Paint

Oil-based paint is a common choice in industrial projects. While it may take longer to dry than latex, it boasts superior durability. Collaborating with your industrial painting contractor to select the highest quality paint is crucial due to the exposure of industrial sites to harsh elements.


Oil paint’s easy-to-clean nature is particularly beneficial in industrial settings. In addition to oil-based paint, industrial project painters often apply a protective varnish. Choosing the correct paint is vital to prevent issues like corrosion over time, and an industrial painter provides the best recommendations for your project.

Beyond Walls: Painting Machinery and Structures

Industrial painting extends to the painting of machinery and structures. Even if the final product isn’t highly visible to the public, industrial project painters ensure a professional finish. Repairing rust is also within their skill set, emphasising the importance of proper preparation for a successful project.

7CPM’s industrial project painters excel in techniques like sandblasting to ward off rust and prepare surfaces for high-quality protective paint. When it comes to painting metal, an industrial building painter is your go-to professional.

Commercial Painting Projects: Where Aesthetics Meet Efficiency

Beyond Residential, Similar to Commercial

Commercial projects share similarities with residential projects but operate on a larger scale or within commercial spaces. While seemingly straightforward, it’s crucial to have an experienced commercial building contractor for optimal results.

Efficiency and Quality: Hallmarks of Commercial Painting

A commercial painting contractor is not only there to enhance your business visually but also to navigate the logistics efficiently. They understand which paint colours complement your business and are adept at creating the perfect accent wall for your boutique. Efficiency and quality define the trademarks of the commercial painting industry.

A vibrant and professional paint job can significantly elevate your business’s standing. The commercial team ensure your space stands out positively, offering expertise whether your walls are drywall or brick.

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Business

Commercial painters know how to choose the paint that withstands the unique needs of your company while drying quickly for minimal business disruption. Unlike residential projects, commercial painting is a substantial undertaking best handled by experienced teams.

In high-humidity areas like Sydney, understanding the materials and their suitability for specific conditions is crucial. Commercial painters excel in this knowledge, ensuring your project meets the challenges of your location.

Drywall Expertise

Beyond painting, commercial painters can assist with drywall needs. Whether it’s a simple patch or the replacement of an entire sheet, a competent team ensures a seamless transition between drywall and painting projects.

But Which Do I Need?

Defining Your Painting Needs

In simple terms, commercial painting contractors focus on spaces where customers spend their time, while industrial teams handle everything else. 

Does your manufacturing space need refreshing and protection, or does your retail space lack that wow factor?

7CPM is equipped with both industrial and commercial teams, ready to help you define your specific project needs. No matter your answer, we can handle the job for you, ensuring professional-looking results.


7CPM stands out as a versatile option for both commercial and industrial projects. Whether it’s sandblasting, drywall repair, or a fresh coat of paint, we are up to the task. As you consider hiring a painter, resist the temptation to choose the cheapest option. Consider factors like schedule flexibility and expertise crucial for your project.

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Choosing the Right Painting Company

Navigating the Sea of Options with Experience and Testimonials

Selecting a reliable industrial painting company can be overwhelming. Focus on two key aspects: experience and testimonials.

Experience: The Guiding Light

Look for a company with substantial experience, especially in large-scale projects. Efficiency, minimal disruption, time management, and cleanliness are essential traits of experienced commercial and industrial painters.

Testimonies: Echoes of Trust

In the digital age, a company’s reputation is reflected in testimonials and reviews. Pay attention to qualities emphasised by past customers. If testimonials are scarce, consider it a red flag. Existing customers often provide the most accurate insights.


7CPM Services: A Trusted Choice

If you are searching for professional commercial painters near me, you are in the right place.


7cpm, with decades of experience in Sydney, Lane Cove and more, stands out as the top choice for industrial painting services and commercial painting services. We offer professional services, intertwining honesty and a strong work ethic into every project. Testimonials highlight our meticulous attention, effective communication, and pristine cleanup.

Consider 7CPM painting for a reliable and professional.

Contact us today and Transform your space with 7CPM—your trusted partner for both commercial and industrial painting needs!

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